Plymouth Rock, Wine, and Wine Jellies! 

Plymouth Bay Winery

  Known as “America’s Hometown,”   Plymouth, Massachusetts is the perfect place to visit to get your history on! After you finish getting your fill of American history, load up and head to the Plymouth Bay Winery right up the road from Plymouth Rock! 

    If you aren’t immediately in love with the view of the bay from the winery, the wines AND wine jellies will get you there! The owners Michael and Pamela make you feel welcome and comfortable from the moment you step in the door. Sit down for one of their very knowledgeable and delicious tastings and be immersed in history and information of all sorts. 

Photo from the Plymouth Bay Winery Facebook Page
View front the front porch of the winery! Photo from the Plymouth Bay Facebook page.

The Whimsical Wine Woman enjoying the view from the porch of the winery with the owners


     One unique style of wine they produce is their cranberry wines! The winery offers two types of cranberry wines.  The “Cranberry Blush” is a semi sweet spicy blend that will give you that sweet kind of “pucker” for those hot summer days. The other, “Cranberry Bay”, has a sweet and tart taste perfect for all kinds of foods and holidays. All of the fruits used in their winemaking come from all local MA sources. 

A bottle of Cranberry Blush in front of the Bay


     If you don’t LOVE their wines, be prepared to fall for their wine jellies! You read that right! The winery makes a variety of fun named wine jellies AND sauces to go along with their delicious wines! From their blueberry jelly called “Blueberry Sin” to their raspberry and habanero jelly called  “Wicked Bad News” to their Cranberry Bay wine jelly called “Crangasm,” Plymouth Bay Winery has something for everyone to enjoy! 

Just a few of the many wine jellies the winery makes! Photo from the Plymouth Bay Facebook Page
The winery even makes their own sauces if wine jellies aren’t your thing! Photo from the Plymouth Bay Facebook Page


     If I haven’t convinced you of how amazing this little winery is quite yet, Good Morning America can also vouch for how awesome this place really is! The winery was featured for their wine jellies on Good Morning America just in time to showcase their products for the holidays! 

Check out the Good Morning America clip here!

Wines, jellies, and sauces galore! Plymouth Bay Winery has a little something for everyone! Be sure to stop by on your next visit to Plymouth, Massachusetts! 

 Video Courtesy of Plymouth Bay Winery 

One thought on “Plymouth Rock, Wine, and Wine Jellies! 

  1. Had a great time at Plymouth Bay Winery. Non-grape wines are generally not my cup of tea, but these folks sure have some tasty vintage. They have an natural complexion and complex palate.

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