3 Fun Affordable Wines To Help Get You In The Halloween Spirit! 


   I think it’s safe to say Halloween time is here! If you haven’t started getting into the Halloween Spirit yet, here are 3 afforadable wines that can help!🎃🍷 

    Spellbound Chardonnay 

    This tropical fruity California Chardonnay will give you one last taste of summer while jumping into the colder month feelings with notes of vanilla and crème brûlée. You can pair this delicious wine with anything from general tsos chicken to a simple BLT sandwich!

Averaging $15 a bottle 

Spellbound Wines 

    Skeleton Grüner Veltliner 

     A favorite white wine varietal in Austria. This fruity, fresh, and fabulous wine is another “pairs well with others” wine! From cheeseburgers to prime rib, this wine goes well with it all; but really…eat what you like with the wine you like. 😉

Averaging $12 a bottle

Skeleton Wines


    This final wine is a no brainer! If this wine doesn’t get you in the Halloween spirit, I’m not sure what else will! 🎃

    Hallowine is the perfect wine for your spooky get together or a night by the fire with your love! Serve this delicious apple wine cold OR HOT for a fabulous cider substitute! 

Averaging $10 a bottle 

Door Peninsula Winery 

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