This Whimsical Vineyard Tucked Away in Southern, IL is a Must Visit for All Wine Lovers!

      Tucked away in the tiny town of Cobden, Illinois is StarView Vineyards; one of the 11 vineyards located on the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail of Southern Illinois. 

      Brett and Regina Morrison took the plunge and purchased the vineyard, moving from Pennsylvania to Southern Illinois in 2013. Having previous experience in the business, Brett jumped head first into making their award winning wines made from 90% estate grown grapes. 

Enjoys a glass of StarView Wine in their vineyards
Owners of StarView Vineyards Brett and Regina Morrison


      In 2015 and 2016, Brett was awarded Illinois Viticulturist of the Year for his hard work and efforts in the vines. Along with award winning wine makers comes award winning wines. Each wine produced by the vineyard has won numerous awards for their unique and delicious tastes! 

Illinois Viticulturist of the Year 2015 & 2016 Brett Morrison


      Have you ever heard of Illinois Merlot? Now you have! After everyone telling the couple they would never be able to successfully grow Merlot Grapes in Southern Illinois, they are proving everyone wrong this year! 

Beautiful Merlot Grapes Grown by StarView Vineyards
StarView Vineyards Award Winning Wines are a Must Try


       If you’re looking for a fun weekend activity, Regina keeps the vineyard calendar packed full of events! From wine and painting parties and live music nights to their always fun holiday parties, there’s never a dull moment at the vineyard.

One of the Many Public Parties Held at the Vineyard


      Not only does StarView make great wine, you can also cool down on a hot summer day with one of their delicious wine slushes! Be sure to tag your wine slushy shenanigans by using their hashtag #IGotSlushedAtStarView on Instagram! Give them a “follow” while you’re at it! 

I Got Slushed at StarView


      The next time you need a little get away, don’t forget to add StarView Vineyards to your list! If you’re looking for a refreshing glass of wine or to cool down with a wine slushy, StarView has you covered. Don’t forget to visit the koi fish pond while you’re there! 

Enjoying a Wine Slushy by the Koi Pond

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